Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby Shower

My cousin Angela is expecting her 2nd baby in December and we just had a baby shower for her at my house. We have been so excited about having another baby in our family and just in time for Christmas!!! We can't wait to meet Addie!
Since the shower was at my house.. I wanted to decorate and make some cool projects for the shower... most of the things I found on pinterest.

#1 - Onesie Cupcakes

Here is where I got the idea:
#2- Addie's name to go on the wall in her room!!!!
#3- Banner to go at my mantle for shower
#4- Angela's corsage- that my mom and I made from bouquets I had left over from our wedding. Thank you Nancy for teaching me how to make these!!!

#5- Tile for Addie's room- I used my cricut, tile, ribbon and felt.

tile on the easel
Here is where I got the inspiration!!!!--- I love how this turned out!!!
Here is what my house looked like once decorated!!!!


We had a great time!!!
We can't wait to meet ADDIE!!! Only a couple more weeks!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

And it is over!!!

Summer 2012 has flown by since school is going back so early this year. Our summer camp schedule at church was packed quite full..... In June we had Play and Praise Camp and Arts Extravaganza Camp which were back to back  and we had a great time at both. We ended our 2 weeks with a Family Worship Night which went great! Pictures will come later...

Then it was already July and the week of the 4th. The following week we took 5 kids to Camp Kid Jam in Winston. We had a great time and the Lord provided the perfect weather for us.  Once I came back from that camp it was full swing ahead for VBS. And this past Thursday, we had our finale for VBS at the Park. The highest total we had during VBS was 393 including all the kids and leaders and volunteers.

Now I know it has been a busy summer and it leads me to being worn out and sleep deprived but I would not trade it for anything because I love seeing all the kids having a great time and learning more about our AWESOME GOD!

Now I am starting off some vacation time with my hubby.... which it has been almost a year and 1/2 since we have been on a vacation.  I plan on catching up on that much needed rest!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Summer has come upon us very quickly and it is going to fly by as well.
Last week I spent every morning with 20 3,4, and 5 year olds at Play~N~Praise Camp at Woodlawn. We had a great time learning about Noah and then we ended the week with a FUN DAY filled with hot weather, water fun and a petting zoo.

This week, I am spending the whole day with some great kids that just finished Kindergarten thru 5th grade and after the first day, I know that the rest of the week will be great but HOT!!!

Will post again later with some pictures of summer fun!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

update on my "30 before the end of 2012" list

My list of "3o before the end of 2012"
1. Have a game night at our house!-(February 4- and the girls won all three games)

2. Continue to grow my hair out... My hair has not this long in about 10 years or more. (went from December to March withouth getting my hair cut... )
3. Have ice cream for dinner (We had ice cream at Kids Praise the other night and that was my dinner...)
4. Try 4 Pinterest craft and gift ideas. I will try to do more.(here is the link of my projects that I am working on-

5. Go a day without texting or internet. And that means Facebook as well!

6. To organize my scrapbook room---- I finally got the scrapbook room organized!
7. Start catching up on my scrapbook
8. To organize our office room, because even though we have only lived here 9 months, it has become a junk room. (I spent one of the last days on my christmas vacation cleaning and organizing the office. ---pictures to come later) Here is the post with pictures. http://http//
9. Enjoy a spa day
10. Make sugar cookies from scratch
11. Start exercising
12. Watch the sunrise with Adam
13. Start blogging more often. So far as good!!!
14. Enjoy our 1st Valentine's Day as a married couple. -We went to the movies on monday night and then spent the whole day together. Pictures of our gifts will come later.
15. Go thru my closet and get rid of some clothes.- I have one bag already. had a great yard sale on May 19th. I got rid of  about 6 boxes worth of items...

16. Begin planning our 1st vacation
17. Learn how to cook some new recipes- I have written down a few and tried one new one so far.
18. Have a PJ day.
19. Have a reunion with the girls from college.(Monday, January 2nd, I met Joanna, Sarah, Kathryn, Kelly and Susan and some of their spouses and kids. It was so nice to hang out!!!)
20. Write letters to friends that I don't see as often- I have written some letters to a friend.
21. Have pictures taken of Adam and I
22. Host a 31 party
23. Spend more time reading-I finished Tim Tebows book and now I am almost done with "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks. I have also read about 3 books for work since the end of April.
24. Start sending birthday cards to the close friends and family... the snail mail way. I have already starting marking the dates on my calendar.(So far so good with this one!)
25. To really take a picture a day for 2012. I have tried this the last two years and I do really good until the end of the year. I have not posted a picture the last month. So I am going to try my best!- I have completely failed at this one ...but oh well..
26. To keep my new car clean... I have been able to do this on a weekly basis.
27. Finally attend a Zumba class.
28. To paint our bathroom and decorate it
29. Spend a day with my niece and nephews..
30. Provide a meal for a family that needs it.- A family down the street from us had a baby a week ago and I fixed spaghetti for them today!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

37 years

I am not believing that the time is here. But after 37 years of teaching my mom has decided that she is ready to retire. She has been at River Bend Middle for 12 years teaching 7th grade and before that she was at Oxford Elementary teaching 6th grade.   I am excited for her!
Tonight, her fellow teachers surprised her at the Crawdads game and she got to throw out the first pitch for the game. She was truly surprised and I know that she had a great time hanging out with the teachers and their families.  Thank you Mr. Sigmon for organizing it all!

Love you mom!!!!